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We run courses throughout the year or contact us to create a bespoke course.  Group size 5 maximum, Minimum age 14 yrs.

There is so much to be learnt whatever your level.  From efficient forward paddling that enables you to go further for longer, to understanding how to stop your kayak capsizing.  Or maybe you want to learn how to roll or rescue others.


There are also a variety of paddle strokes that can be used to turn your kayak or move it sideways, for whatever reason; to line up a rock-hop or to get in close for a raft up or rescue.  It is much easier to learn these skills in a flatter water environment, it gives you time to practice and improve with less variables to consider.  Then when you move into a more dynamic environment you are more likely to stay upright and nail that that surf landing or rock gully.


We will encourage you to give it all a go, but if you do not want to do the wet skills we can give you something else to practice.

What's included:

Kayak, paddle, helmet, buoyancy aid, jacket and long-john wetsuit.

You are welcome to use your own kit if you would like to.