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We are open and taking bookings.

Below are the adjustments we are making to help keep us all safer

The risk of infection is lower in the outdoors, so lets get out and enjoy it safely!


In order to enjoy it as safely as possible we have adjusted our operating procedures in accordance with government and NGB guidance.  As adventure providers we are constantly assessing risk to give you a safe and fun experience, this has just added an extra area to be aware of.  As guidance adjusts, we will too.


Changes to the booking process:

  • You can continue to book online, over the phone or by email.  We ask that you complete your enrolment forms online and submit them before arriving.

What we will be doing:

  • Monitoring our health and that of our instructors.  

  • We will be washing our hands regularly and asking you to do the same.

  • We have an appropriate disinfectant, this will be used on the kit and equipment between trips.  Kit will be also be left as long as possible between trips.

  • Government guidance now allows organised and structured outdoor sport so we can work within our normal ratios of one instructor to 6 clients.  If you would like a session with just members from your household/'bubble' then let us know and we can create a bespoke trip for you.

  • We have adjusted our first aid procedures according to the latest advice.  Sessions may be adjusted to reduce the need for rescues.  When performing rescues the instructor will need to come within 2m's of you while staying as distanced as possible, they will aim to reduce the amount of time that they spend inside this 2m distance .

  • We will be asking you to confirm that no one in your household has been experiencing symptoms of Covid -19, and also to contact us if you or anyone in your household experiences symptoms in the 7 days following your trip.

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