Frequently asked questions

I have never kayaked before is this appropriate for me?

Yes. It is an active sport so a bit of enthusiasm and effort will be needed to complete the session. You will be sat with bent legs out in front of you, if this position is ok for you then come and give it a go. The boats are very comfy and stable. They have a padded seat and back rest and stopping on beaches for leg stretches are generally part of the trip.

I have kayaked lots before is this appropriate for me?

Yes. It is up to you if you would just like to enjoy being guided or if you would like to develop your skills further. There is always something new to learn and our experienced instructors can challenge you if you like.

Is lunch provided?

No. Bring your own lunch and snacks if required.

What route will we take?

Our experienced instructors will take into account the weather, the group’s ability and the length of the session to provide you with the best route for that day.

How long is the session?

Half days are 3 hours and full days are 7 which includes a lunch stop. We also offer longer courses ranging from 2-7 days.Enter your answer here

Do I need to be able to swim?

Being water confident is more important than the ability to swim. You will always be wearing a bouyancy aid and your kayak floats even if it is upside down.

Who else will be on the trip?

It may just be you. Our ratios are 6 participants to one instructor. If you would like to have a private session please contact us.

Is there a size or weight limit?

The maximum load of our bigger kayaks is 135kg. We have two sizes of boats that cater for most. They have removable hip pads which allows for some adjustment, and are one of the comfiest sea kayaks we have found. You will have time to sit in your boat on the beach to adjust the foot rest to your size. If you are unsure as to wether you will fit into one of our kayaks please contact us in advance and we can check.

Will I develop sea kayaking skills and knowledge?

Yes. Whatever level you start with our instructors will be able to develop your skills as much or as little as you like, within the time that you are with us. If you would like to focus on skill development book onto one of our ‘Progress Your Sea Kayaking’ courses.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Kayaking is a great activity even in the rain, its funny how you don’t notice it when you are cruising along in a boat. We do however get affected by the wind. As a mobile provider we will offer you an alternative more sheltered location if conditions on the day do not suit your original booking. You can choose to take this, postpone or if we cannot accommodate you in the time you have here in Cornwall we will give you a refund (minus booking fees if you have book through another agent).

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel 7 days before your booking then we will refund you in full (minus booking fees if you have booked through another agent).

What is the fitness level needed for kayaking?

It’s a bit like walking. With the right technique you will be using your arms and your legs. It is a repetitive motion and you may be using muscles that you have not used in a while. Depending on the length of session/trip you book with us you will need to be able to sustain moderate exercise for that amount of time. Having said that we take lots of breaks on quiet beaches and you can always enjoy a bit of a drift along when you need to. The pace will always match the group and the more experienced members can enjoy paddling through rock gullies while others rest and float past. The instructor always has the ability to tow a member of the group, but they may require payment in ice cream once back on the beach!

What should I wear and bring?

We provide the necessary kayaking kit; boat, paddle, buoyancy aid, jacket and spray deck. Wetsuits are available if it is cold at no extra cost. Wearing shorts and a thermal top is usually ideal. You will also need wetsuit boots or shoes that you are happy to get wet. A sun hat, sun cream and sunglasses are all important to protect you on the water, there can be a lot of glare from the ocean. A drink, snacks and lunch should be brought as required. Depending on the weather bring a woolly hat and an extra layer for beach stops. Remember it is often feels a bit colder on the water. Please bring any personal medication you may need.

What boats and kit do you use?

We specifically chose boats that are great for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. The Dagger Stratos is both stable and responsive, it wants to look after you. Very manoeuvrable for exploring in and out of rocks, with the addition of a skeg to help you go straight and deal with windier days. At Paddle Cornwall we have both the small and the large for you to use. I often choose one off the trailer rather than my own shiny carbon sea kayak in the garage. It is a really nice boat that is comfy too. For the more experienced kayakers it also surfs like a dream!Beginners are often worried about being trapped in boats when using spray decks. Modern boats such as ours have large cockpits providing easy entry and exit. Also our spray decks are light fitting which means they come off easily when needed. Buoyancy aids are always worn and helmets are provided in case you fancy a bit of rock hopping.

I have used a plastic sit on top kayak before how are your kayaks different?

The paddling motion is the same. Our sea kayaks are 14.5ft in length and generally a bit narrower than the average sit on top. This means that the boat glides further for the same amount of effort. Which just means you can go further in the same amount of time. Personally I find the Dagger Stratos a lot more comfortable too. Your legs are inside which keeps you dryer and warmer. They also have hatches front and back for storing lunch or camping kit depending on what you are doing.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry no room for pets.

What are the basics that I will learn?

Whether you have never been in a boat before or have a bit of experience our instructors can adjust their teaching based on your ability. Our aim is to help to build your confidence on the water. Below are some of the skills we will cover: - Introduction to the equipment and how to fit it to you. - Safe lifting carrying and launching skills. - Forward paddling (this includes way more than you might think such as posture in the kayak, use of the whole body and paddle positioning) - Different methods of steering the kayak. - Capsizing and rescue (this will be covered on dry land and those that want to will have the opportunity to practice it towards the end of the day) Depending on your progress, and your time with us, we may be able to continue to build your skills further. This could include; support and recovery strokes, edging, self rescues, rolling and sideways movement.

What is your minimum age limit?

We suggest an age of 14yrs and upwards. It really does depend on the size and the motivation of the young person, so if you have younger children that you think would enjoy it and would physically be able to do it just contact us to discuss it.