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We think the food is rather important!

There are limited options for eating out on the outer islands so it does help to think ahead and book.  Especially if your trip is during a busy time (school holidays or mid June onwards)

We will reserve a table for the whole group in the pub for the first night and you are welcome to do your own thing if you prefer.  Just let us know if you would prefer not to be included or if you have any dietary requirements.

We are based on the island of St Martins for some of our trips and for the Roaming sea kayaking trip we begin and end on St Martins.

Each day we give you time to sort breakfast and nip to the island shop/bakery to buy a delicious sandwich for lunch if needed, before heading out on the water.  St Martin’s has a small grocery shop (you currently need a mask for this shop) and a bakery.  In the evenings you can either eat out or cook for yourself.  I do recommend bringing out snacks and an emergency boil-in-the-bag meal just in case, I have a stove and can heat this for you if the occasion arises. I carry a stove and provide hot water during beach stops in the daytime so you just need to bring a mug and your drink of choice.  Then sit back and enjoy the view as you sip your cuppa.

If you are travelling out on a Saturday please note that the shops are closed on a Sunday so it is worth bringing something for breakfast and lunch on the Sunday.  The pub is open for the evening meal.

There are a few options for your evening meal on St Martins, their opening days vary during the season so it is worth checking.  

St Martin’s dinner options:

- The Seven Stones pub, currently opens every day except Tuesdays.  It boasts a great view and a very tasty burger

- The Fish and Chip restaurant.  They do a great gluten free batter if required and the fish is caught locally as you would expect.  They are currently open Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening.  You need to book and pre-order your meal.

- Little Arthur cafe and Bistro.  The Bistro is open on a Friday evening and requires pre-booking.  It does book up so if you are interested it is worth booking in advance.  They also offer a pizza delivery service on a Monday evening.  This also needs to be pre-booked and there are limited places.

During our Roaming sea kayaking trip you may visit Bryher or St Agnes.  Both islands also have shops for picking up bits for breakfast and lunch.

Bryher dinner options:

- The Fraggle Rock Pub is well known for its Fraggle Burger.  It is open each day except Sunday evenings.

- There is the Hell Bay hotel and they have also just opened the Crab Shack which looks good.

- The Fish Cafe is open Monday and Thursday evenings with a set menu that you need to pre-book.

St Agnes dinner options:

- The Turks head pub.  Currently not open on a Tuesday evening or a Wednesday all day.

If you have particular dietary requirements I recommend bringing more food with you to sustain you.

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