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Helpful Information For Getting to the Isles of Scilly

You can arrive via ferry, aeroplane or helicopter.  We recommend the ferry for those of you that are camping or want to bring your own kayaking kit as the luggage allowance is much bigger on the ferry.  The flights can suffer delays due to fog and you could end up on the ferry as a result anyway.  If you are planning to fly please get in touch with us before booking to ensure that you don't miss the start of the kayaking.

The ferry or plane

These are run by the Isles of Scilly Travel Company

The ferry:  

  • Outward journey Penzance (09.00ish generally) - St Mary's (12.00 ish generally)

  • Return St Mary's (16:30 ish generally) - Penzance (19:15 ish generally)

You can choose to come out earlier and stay later after the kayaking. If you choose to come out just for the duration of the kayaking trip please book your ferry for the first day of the trip and book your return journey for the day after the trip finishes, otherwise you will miss the last day of kayaking.  Your camping fee for the duration of your trip is included in the price, if you are staying on or arriving earlier you will need to arrange this directly with Ben and Caroline at the campsite yourselves


Parking at Penzance or the Train – There are a number of parking options if you google it.  One we have used before is just outside Penzance;

Penzance Train station is a 15-20min walk from the Ferry so this is a good option also.  Depending on your ferry time you may need to arrive the night before and book a B&B.


Arrival on the Isles of Scilly:

  • When you get to St Mary's look at the timetable for the next boat taxi to St Martins or keep an ear out as they will shout to say which island they are going to.  You should also see your lugggage being offloaded on to a boat so keep an eye on your luggage and get on that boat.  If you hang around on the quay it will leave shortly after you arrive.  As long as you have labelled your luggage as St Martin’s Campsite it will be put straight from the Scillonian onto the correct inter-island boat for you.  It will cost around £6 to get across to St Martins you will need cash for this.  You do not need to book this inter-island ferry in advance.

  • We will meet you at the jetty on St Martins and your luggage will be transported by tractor to the campsite.



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